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Jason Hope Implores Change in Biotechnology

Posted on 23 March, 2018 in Business, Jason Hope

There is always going to be change and innovation coming in the world of science and technology. Jason Hope, an entrepreneur behind the mobile communications success of Jawa, has been right at the front line of that innovation. Jason Hope was born and raised in Tempe, AZ before he went on to attend Arizona State University. At ASU, Hope would chase a degree in finance before going on to attend the WP Carey School of Business. Hope quickly jumped into the business world after graduating and he has since been uniquely focused on pushing the envelope in several key industries. While Jason Hope has made a name for himself in mobile communications, as well as the Internet of Things, his larger focus has been on the field of biotechnology. Let’s dig into what this means for the future of the technology.

Biotechnology isn’t a subject limited to textbooks and Michael Crichton novels. Biotechnology has very real, and very powerful, real-world impact. Jason Hope lives by the concept of futurism which means that he is always looking for the next tidal change that is coming in to sweep the world off of its feet. This led Hope to look at medicine in the anti-aging field. Jason Hope doesn’t believe that aging has to be the end-all of everything related to the human condition. That is why Hope did extensive research before connecting with the SENS Foundation.

The SENS Foundation is a non-profit medical research facility out of California that is uniquely focused on fighting age-related illness. The goal of the foundation, which is led by CEO Mike Kope and Dr. Aubrey de Grey, is to find solutions to some of the most common and painful age-related illnesses: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Arteriosclerosis. The SENS Foundation immediately caught Hope’s eye because they are doing something special in a field that will be rapidly growing for years on end.

Jason Hope would meet Aubrey de Grey, the CSO at the SENS Foundation, and the two would hit it off almost immediately. Hope says that he admires the work that Dr. de Grey is doing and that their work is ‘essential’ to the very advancement of medicine in the future. This led Hope to donate $500,000 toward the cause. The donation was announced at the Breakthrough Philanthropy event in San Francisco, hosted by Peter Thiel of the Thiel Foundation, and his money was put to almost immediate use by the SENS Foundation.

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