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Jeff Herman Blog Lauds Feldman’s Fierce Stance

Posted on 05 April, 2018 in Lawyers

The blog is about Corey Feldman, a former Hollywood child star who experienced sex abuse, supporting New York’s “Child Victims Act”. It explains that far only in New York, this Act would get rid of the current statute of limitation law and allow victims to take their abusers to court after the current statute of five years.

The blog does a great job of breaking the law down. It explains that In New York, once you are no longer a minor, meaning once you turn 18, you have five years to report sex abuse. Basically, you have until the age of 23 to report an abuser.

Jeff HermanĀ also describes the interesting caveat which is that one would have only three years, not the regular five, if the individual belongs to a church or school. Basically, in that scenario, an victim would have until the age of 21 to take an abuser to court. The Child Victims Act would get rid of all of that and allow the victim to still take their abusers to court even after five years.

Back to Feldman being a victim of child sex abuse himself, he clearly wants to do all that he can to help pass this bill. The actor said that he wanted to make a difference with his presence and that children cannot get their “light” back after they’ve been abused. New York Democrats are strongly behind this bill and hope to make it federal.

Herman Law, based in Boca Raton, Florida, is a leading advocate for sexually-abused victims. They specialize in cases for sexually exploited and have taken on some of the most famous child sex cases to date. Child sex abuse cases like Jerry Sandusky, Rev. Neil Doherty, and Kevin Clash have all been ones that were prosecuted by Herman Law.

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