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Kabbalah Centre Helps Rebuild Homes After Disaster

Posted on 22 January, 2017 in Education, Religion

The day of May 20, 2013, devastated the lives of thousands of people in Oklahoma. On that day an EF5 tornado packing winds of 210 miles per hour tore through the small town of Moore leaving 24 people dead and 377 injured. An estimated 1,150 homes were destroyed leaving thousands of people homeless, and many without insurance or financial resources to rebuild.

Soon after the Kabbalah Centre stepped in to help, partnering with Habitat for Humanity to begin the rebuilding process.

Habitat for Humanity was established in 1976 as a non-governmental and non-profit organization with the straightforward goal of putting people into affordable homes – by building them one. It does so with the held of volunteer labor and outside donations.

After the devastating tornado event of 2013, the Kabbalah Centre provided significant financial support working through Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) to build a new home for the Pendley Family, which lost everything in the disaster.

The Pendly’s were left “homeless and somewhat helpless,” they said. The HFHI program with the help of Kabbalah resources got down to work to set this family back on its feet, but also to show that other people cared about them, even if those “other people” might be total strangers.

Kabbalah Centre officials say doing such work is at the core of the Kabbalah mission – Kabbalah is not a philosophy, but a practical, active force in the world that recognizes there is real work to be done.

For the people of Moore, Oklahoma, that means constructing safe and decent homes designed with superior energy efficiency, multiple interior selections, multiple 3 and 4 bedroom floor plans, and fenced back yards – even refrigerator and oven are provided.

Perhaps even more important, it shows that no one is alone in the world — and that other people care.

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