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Kenneth Goodgame Takes True Value Hardware to the Top

Posted on 29 July, 2016 in Business

True Value Hardware Corporation knew exactly what they were doing when they hired Kenneth Goodgame as their Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer. His knowledge and experience has given him the opportunity to work for a company that is well known throughout the world. Kenneth Goodgame is the driving force that has made True Value Hardware what it is today.

Degree in Marketing Finance

Goodgame began his foray into business after he graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a Bachelor degree in Marketing Finance. This set him on a path that would forever change the way companies under his tutelage would view their financial future. He is proud of his alma mater and credits them for giving him the education he needed to succeed in business.

Years of Experience

People in the retail business know Kenneth Goodgame because of his vast experience in the field. His diverse job experience with Black and Decker, The Home Depot, Rubbermaid, Irwin PTA, Shur Line Paint, Techtronic Industries, ACE Hardware, and currently True Value Hardware have each contributed to the business person he is today.  He has honed his management skills through hard work and dedication to his craft.

The Business World

Kenneth Goodgame is at the top of his game at True Value Hardware where he has introduced new concepts to help increase productivity while implementing new marketing strategies. His innovative leadership is centered on employee performance levels, leadership, cost analysis, advertising, and productivity. He is able to predict shifts in the marketplace and make changes accordingly when the time is right. Kenneth Goodgame is a very goal oriented person and his plans include making True Value Hardware a trusted place where people can buy quality products at affordable prices. Trained employees with good customer service skills are also on the top of his list.

Future Success

Much of True Value Hardware’s achievements can be attributed to their Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Kenneth Goodgame. He has taken them to a whole new level and has plans to continue on a path of success using his past experience mixed with aspirations that correspond with today’s technological savvy customers. The modern consumer expects more from their stores then they did in the past, and they are getting just that from True Value because of the hard work of Kenneth Goodgame. He sees the entire company as one big team that is working together to provide a pleasant shopping environment.

One Response to “Kenneth Goodgame Takes True Value Hardware to the Top”

  1. JLogan Jay says:

    Each company that Kenneth Goodgame has worked for has benefited from his ability to see the big picture and zero in on how to best capitalize on the situation. Mr. Goodgame is the man that will take True Value Hardware to the next level and beyond. It is something that would want everything that has been planning out for so much a long time too.