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“Marc Beer Is Doing What He Can To Tackle A Major Issue In Women’s Health: “

Posted on 08 October, 2018 in Entrepreneurs, Finance Biotechnology, People

Renovia is a revolutionary business venture that is working hard to change the face of medical treatment in the area of pelvic floor issues experienced by women. The company strives to find better ways to be able to perform diagnoses and treatment for this issue and to do so in a way that is cost-effective. At the head of the company is its Chief Executive and co-founder, experienced biotech entrepreneur Marc Beer. Marc Beer has an impressive twenty-five years working in biotech as well as pharmaceuticals. 2016 saw the founding of Renovia by Marc Beer alongside his business partners Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias.


One of the major goals that the team at Renovia has is to be able to deliver digital diagnostic and therapeutic devices that are used to treat women who suffer from the effects of pelvic floor disorders. The company recently announced a really exciting piece of new in that it has closed on $42 million plus in financing. This funding is going to be critical in order for Marc Beer and Renovia to perform the clinical trials necessary to get its products out there. Corporate development as well and product launches in the future will be covered by this new funding as well.


This exciting opportunity for the Series B finance was made possible by Ascension Adventures as well as Perceptive Advisors. There was also a contributing interest put in by Longwood Fund and OSF Ventures among others. The support of these groups is invaluable in the push to develop the best products possible to deal with the issue of pelvic floor disorders. Marc Beer is truly excited about this development and has talked about how he is thrilled to partner with a group of investors who are equally passionate about putting the work into this valuable medical work.


Renovia customers can soon look forward to being able to make use of the proprietary technology developed by the company along with a health platform in digital form. The data that this will provide for patients in terms of treatment options is going to be an invaluable resource. Marc Beer is a firm believer that receiving this valuable funding is a true sign of the recognition of the hard work that the team at Renovia has been putting in since 2016. It is a great satisfaction to Marc Beer to see all of this hard work starting to really pay off. Learn more:


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