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Mike Baur and Swiss Start-up Factory is Making Dreams Come True

Posted on 14 November, 2016 in Business, Business Leaders, Business Partnership

With twenty years of experience in the Swiss banking industry, it comes as no surprise that Mike Baur has seen such success with the Swiss Start-up Factory. Founded in 2014, Baur’s enterprise runs three-month long start-up accelerator programs for thriving digital entrepreneurs. They provide a strong network of support from their Zurich-based operation with a global reach.

Visit the site Founder Stories to know more about Mike Baur.

The company’s mission is to “Provide young, talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland a top professional execution platform that guides them through a dedicated & business-driven process tom A to Z with ambitious milestones”.


To achieve that mission, the Swiss Start-up Factory offers a unique platform of services which include mentoring, coaching, and office space, in addition to the support network. Mike Baur is responsible for the fund-raising and financing at the company he founded and co-manages.


This company meets its mission statement by helping start-ups reach their full and profitable potential. The Swiss Start-up Factory doesn’t stop at networking and making office space and conference rooms available. Part of reaching that full potential, Mike believes, is access to accounting and financial advice, such as payroll management, tax and VAT reporting, and financial health reviews. They offer custom packages to suit each start-ups specific needs.


The man behind the company, Mike Baur, has been passionate about the subject of Banking & Finance since he was a teen living in Fribourg. He maintained strong connections to his home region even as he moved up in the Swiss Private Banking industry over the next twenty years of his career. He began as a commercial apprentice and eventually climbed the ladder to become an executive board member at a large Private Bank in Switzerland.


Then, in 2014 he decided to start his own entrepreneurial path. With two partners he started the number one independent and privately financed start-up accelerator in Switzerland: The Swiss Start-up Factory. Mike has given numerous speeches at events all over the world, promoting the small, digital entrepreneurs who would otherwise be unable to find the backing they need to make their own dreams a reality.


Start-ups looking to join the program must first apply and be selected. When each batch of accepted start-ups kick off each quarter, applicants will be given the coaching and mentoring they need to pitch their ideas effectively to investors who are looking to get in on the ground floor with advances in technological thinking.


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