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My Rental Properties Look Great Because Of Handy

Posted on 17 November, 2016 in Business

I have many properties that I lease out, but the longer the property is empty, the dirtier it gets. Windows must be cleaned, bugs can gather in the home and die on the floor, and toilets have to be sanitized. There is a lot to do in the rental properties that I have, and I used to have a cleaning company doing the work for me. After the cleaning company didn’t show up for what was the millionth time, I fired all of them and started working with Handy.

When I know that I have a house that needs to be cleaned, I will go right to the website to sign up for their services. I try to get at least a couple workers out there at a time to get the job done faster. I’ve had such great results from Handy workers that it makes me question why I ever used anyone else. The fact is, Handy was unknown to me before a friend suggested that I use them. Funny enough, I had asked that friend if they would be willing to clean my homes for a nice paycheck, but they refused and suggested Handy to me instead.

I’ve never had any Handy worker show up late or not do their job, and they definitely go above and beyond what they need to to get the job done. I get a lot of compliments from my tenants when they move into the homes that I rent to them because it’s so clean. The toilets have been scrubbed, the tubs are clean, the floors are spotless, and the places look like new. Handy has saved me a lot of money and helped me make even more money because of their great cleaning services, so they are definitely the company for me.


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