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Online or In-store, Always Fabletics Fashionably Fabulous

Posted on 03 February, 2018 in Fashion

Going from fit to fashionably fabulous in one outfit shouldn’t be such a task. Fabletics can make that happen for you, effortlessly. If you’re like most women, tired of the same old boring workout clothes, we have a whole new wardrobe for you! Athleisure is combining the comfort of your favorite lounging wear, with the fashion of your favorite casual wear, and the versatility of athletic wear all in one. You may have heard of Fabletics and one of the masterminds behind the brand, Kate Hudson.


Hudson was selected to join Fabletics due to her great attitude, and fit lifestyle. Ever since she’s taken this brand to all new heights. She’s not only contributed her fashion sense, but also her business sense. She admits that much of the beginning stages of getting the brand ramped up to its current success was “trial and error.” While this may be partially true, Hudson is credited by the brands’ executives as having a hand in every part of the business. She saw an opportunity to improve both quality and customer service. The customer service has grown to have a rather high customer satisfaction rating and repeat business. Quality was improved, despite losing a large amount of time, money and resources by having to dump an entire shipment due to poor quality.


The business has grown to well over a $250 million entity in just a few short years. Pop icon Demi Lovato has joined with her own line of athleisure. Her sentiments were like Hudson’s, in that they like everything the company stands for, especially its commitment to enhancing women’s lives.


Another way that Fabletics stands out from the crowd is in its approach to online sales. While Amazon is always the biggest competitor of apparel, especially online, Fabletics took the initiative to do its research. They decided to implement the “advanced showroom” method of marketing. This showcases the online business as the primary channel, however, retail components are in place as well. This is great, especially for an apparel company getting a fresh new start. Customers like the idea of being able to visit the store when they need to handle a customer service issue. Also, the company wisely uses data to preview items in the store, and carry the bestsellers, should, the customers need something immediately.


Guests wanting more information or to see the great line of athleisure should go online and take the lifestyle quiz. This will pick your own custom athleisure package, taking all your lifestyle factors into consideration. Get on the road to being fashionably fit by visiting Fabletics online at

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