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The Trabuco: It’s History And Use In Modern Times

Posted on 03 October, 2017 in Old Weapon

The trabuco is also known as a trebuchet. This weapon of war was first invented by the Chinese. It was used during siege warfare or as artillary weapon against enemies. As a matter of fact, the trebuchet helped to develop modern artillary tactics that armies used during World War I and II. The following information will provide a general history of the trabuco and its use in modern times.

The trabuco first appeared in China in 400 B.C on The weapon was probably invented long before it showed up in historical records. However, 400 B.C. Was the year that it was first mentioned in a philosophical book known as the Mohjing. The weapon remained in China for many years. Various Chinese armies used it against each other in warfare.

The trabuco is a sling weapon. It has the ability to hurl objects great distances due to the mechanical energy that it uses to make a swinging motion. There are different size trabucos but most of them were large weapons that took 45 to 60 men to operate. Armies who used these artillary pieces had to have large numbers of soldiers to man them. Military units that did not have the manpower, utilized local villagers or volunteers from their area to operate the trabucos based on

A nomadic group from the land of Russia eventually brought the trabuco into Europe. They were known as the Avars and they encountered the Chinese in warfare along the northern borders of their empire. Once the trabuco was brought into Europe, it slowly changed warfare on the continent. Kingdoms could lay siege to other kingdoms and cities by using this weapon. In time, the trabuco helped to establish artillar warfare. Also, standard artillary tactics were created during this era. They are still in use today.

The trabuco was in use until the 15th century according to By that time, many modern armies abandoned this weapon for cannons and gunpowder. Currently, trabucos are used at pumpkin chucking contests around the U.S. And in some parts of Europe. Trabucos are used by teams to see how far they can sling a pumpkin. This is a fun activity that usually takes place during the fall season.

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Tony Petrello’s Philanthrophic Nature And Successful Career

Posted on 02 October, 2017 in Business, Business Leaders

Nabors Industries is an enterprise that has been on the quest to establish itself as a world leader in oil and natural gas exploration. The company has been undertaking this activity for a very long time such that it has been able to adopt the best technology used in oil exploration. Initially, the company was known as Anglo Energy, however, in the course of time and under the guidance of different managers, the company ended up being renamed to Nabors Industries Ltd.

Various onshore and offshore drilling operations have been undertaken by the corporation, and it boasts of being able to find the precious commodity in regions of the world where other companies cannot venture. Nabors Industries has explored regions such as Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East. Since the establishment of the organization in 1968, and even when different directors took over management of the company’s operations, no much success was experienced, and as a result, very little was known about the drilling firm.

However, when Anthony G. Petrello was appointed to the managerial position, the organization became very prolific, and its services became highly demanded in different regions of the world. Nabors Industries does not associate itself with the oil refinery business, but it is only contracted by other companies to help in finding oil and natural gas. Tony took over the management mantle in 2012, and for sure, the company has continually been expanding since then.

Anthony G Petrello, on the other hand, is associated with a unique character that is not easily found in most people and that is his philanthropic nature. Anthony G Petrello has given out a lot of finance to the less fortunate in the society, and the peak of his philanthropy became evident when he offered over $5 million that was meant to help in financing research for cure of the deadly Periventricular Leukomalacia. Such an undertaking has contributed to creating a positive image for Tony Petrello, and it was also motivated by the fact that his daughter Carena Petrello suffers from the same complication.

To successfully give out such huge amount as a donation, one must be earning quite a huge sum of money, and that applies for Tony Petrello. In 2015, Tony was estimated to have received a total of $ 27,123,939. Tony holds different managerial positions in various organizations, and the financial reward that he gets is as a result of his hard work. Such companies include Hilcorp Energy Company and Texas Children’s Hospital.

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Treat Your Dog’s Taste Buds with Healthy Beneful Dog Food from Walmart!

Posted on 02 October, 2017 in Animal Care, Dog Food

Your dog is a member of your family. Treat him or her with a bag of Purina Beneful dog food, available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or from Wal-Mart’s online site. This dog food comes in a variety of flavors and package-sizes so that you can find just the right taste for your furry friend. Purina’s line of Beneful healthful dog food is a recommended choice for owners concerned with keeping their dogs in good health and maintaining healthy weight gain/loss because health shouldn’t sacrifice taste, especially for our lovable pets.

Prices are affordable, starting at as low as $13.99 for a 15.5lb bag of dry food. BenefulWalmart dog food comes in wet flavors as well, such as this variety pack. If you’re the type of person who likes to make fewer trips to the store, there is a 40lb bag available for $70.13. Most of the dog food comes in the chicken flavor, but the wet medley package has a few others. Wal-Mart’s online site does not carry the salmon flavor of the healthy weight dog food, so your best bet of finding it is to check your local Wal-Mart retailer.

To allow you to save some extra money, coupons for the products are available on Beneful’s website. If you want to wait for Wal-Mart to rollback their prices on the food, your best bet is to wait until Wednesdays, 12:01 am PT. Wal-Mart usually leaves prices rolled back for 90 days, but not all products will be included in the rollbacks. Specials on the Beneful dog food usually save you a few dollars on the purchase.

Why wait? Your dog is waiting for a healthy, yet tasty option to help stay in good shape and maintain weight. Pick-up Purina’s Beneful dog food at a Wal-Mart near you.

About JHSF Company and Auriemo Neto

Posted on 30 September, 2017 in Real Estate

JHSF is a Real Estate company founded in 1972. It is the leader in the real estate sector where it has been participating in the provision of rental houses and premises for business operations, building and improving shopping centers, hotels and also developments of airports. The company has significance in identifying new business opportunities in the market it operates. JHSF operates under some goals and values which make it remain the leader in the market. Some of these values include; Quality, innovation, daring, and its ability to come up with solutions in its developments and projects. JHSF reinforced itself in capitals such as Manaus, Salvador and globally in Punta Del Este and New York.

When JHSF grew stronger globally, it mainly focused on generating more revenue. Recently, the company has invested in projects aiming at improving development and administration of shopping centers, sophisticated hotels, and the Catarina Integrated Urban Development.

JHSF is also involved in corporate social responsibility within its communities for events purposes. It also supports several health institutions and educational projects like childhood Brazil, Brazil Foundation, and the Ayrton Senna Institute. The company has also invested in building cancer hospital like the GRAACC children’s cancer hospital. It has also invested in the development of infrastructure and the sale of telecommunication energy to the real estate.

Jose Auriemo Neto is the CEO of JHSF company. He is an Alumnus of Sao Paulo based FAAP university. His career began in 1993, and within four years, he had already created a parking lot service department which performed very well one year after. The company’s executive team gave him the green light to develop and improve Santa Cruz, JHSF’s first shopping mall. He manages the company’s development and management operations projects. To know more about him click here.

He secured partnership deals with other famous investors that initiated in launching the firm first outlet at Cidade Jardim in 2009. Under his leadership in 2012, JHSF has marked fantastic growth and expanded its investment opportunities. For example, the company secured another partnership deal with R.E.D Valentino in 2012 under Jose Auriemo leadership.

Fabletics Doing Business the Smart Way

Posted on 20 September, 2017 in Fashion

Fabletics is among the newest brands which have been launched by TechStyle Fashion Group. The company was previously known by the name of JustFab, and it was started by its mother company called Intellligent Beauty Inc. These businesses were created by online entrepreneur Don Ressler who has been founding a series of online companies mostly in the industry of retail.


Fabletics, in particular, was a collaboration between Don Ressler and Kate Hudson who s also the face of the business. Fabletics started selling athletic wear and basic sports gear in 2014. The company became popular quite fast as the pre-launch campaign was executed perfectly and it gave Fabletics a jump start. After that, the company grew through its subscription service although it has an option for one time purchases as well. Every month the clients who have subscribed receive a package in the mail containing a few outfits. They try on the clothes and decide if they wish to purchase any of them. This method of retail is called the reversed showroom technique. It is a very beneficial one to use as it can easily create trust between the brand and the client and prove the quality of the products as well.


Fabletics has been learning fast about the rising trends in consumer behavior and marketing. The online retailer added a review section where buyers can talk about their experience. It is important these days to have a review section as potential customers like to read about other people’s experience with the brand before making a purchase themselves. Research has shown that people almost always do extensive research before buying something online especially it s a more costly product. Many people even study the whole brand to determine if it is worth supporting them or not. Criteria include how and where the products are made and if the influential people of the business have any controversy around them. Consumer behavior has shifted drastically because of the internet. People talk and discuss products and the companies producing them. They have criteria, and strong beliefs about what kinds of brands are worth supporting. Fabletics has caught on to that change in consumers from an early start. That has allowed the company to leverage the power of the crowd and their voice.


Mr. Don Ressler has put a lot of effort into his entrepreneurship. He has chosen the internet for his business ground as the online world reaches everyone and holds a lot of promise. In fact, online businesses reach a lot more people than traditional ones which only advertise in the conventional ways instead of doing online marketing as well. Mr. Don Ressler is the founder and co-founder of online companies such as Intermix Media, Alena Media, Fitness Heaven, Brand Ideas, Hydroderm, and so on. He became successful in his 20s. He quickly massed the expertise on what it takes to create a successful online business. That is evident in the fact that some of his companies earn about a million in revenue sales.

Talos Energy is the Operator of the Mexico’s Zama-1 Well

Posted on 19 September, 2017 in Business, Industry

Mexico nationalized its oil industry in 1938, and Petróleos Mexicanos better known as Pemex was created to solely oversee all the activities in the oil sector; the Mexico’s government owns Pemex. For over 79 years, Pemex controlled Mexico’s oil industry. However, in 2015, Mexico voted to allow foreign companies to own and operate oil wells and other oil facilities within her borders.

Three companies won rights to prospect oil in Mexico: Premier Oil, Talos Energy, and Sierra Oil & gas. Talos is an American company, Premier is based in the UK, and Sierra is a Mexican firm. The three companies are currently undertaking their first venture, the Zama-1 well. The well is located in Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco. In a statement issued by Premier in May 2017, the well would take three months to reach completion. Premier said that it would contribute $16 million towards the venture. Zama is estimated to hold over 500 million barrels of the crude natural resource. In the joint venture, Premier owns 35%, Sierra controls 40%, and Talos, which is the operator of the well, owns 35%.

Financial industry pundits have weighed in on Mexico’s decision to allow foreign players back into her oil industry. Elaine Reynolds of Edison Investment Research indicated that Zama would be the center of attention for players in the oil sector. He added that Zama 1 would likely be a success as shown by geological dynamics. Charlie Sharp of Canaccord Genuity suggests that Zama is an interesting well owing to the implications it would have on the Mexican market.

Talos Energy, the operator of the Zama well, is headquartered in Houston. The private company focuses on oil & gas exploration and acquisition of businesses in the oil & gas industry. The company’s activities are targeted at Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. Talos Energy is associated with Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings LLC.

In 2013, WorkplaceDynamics indicated that Talos was the best workplace among small businesses in Houston. The CEO of Talos Tim Duncan has ensured that Talos’ employees own part of the company and are therefore motivated.


Posted on 12 September, 2017 in Entrepreneur, OSI Group

Having the right strategies in place has placed the OSI Group in the limelight as the most trusted food supplier in the world, and among the 58 largest private companies in America. OSI Group, which has a revenue of $6.1 billion, started as a small company, a hundred years ago in Illinois, as Otto and sons, before changing to OSI Industries in 1975. At this time, getting tenders to supply meat products to big brand hotels like McDonald’s, played a role in its rapid growth and popularity, which was an indication that OSI Group was ready to handle and accommodate the responsibility of being McDonald’s meat supplier. After this success, it used the business model applied to McDonald’s on its other hotels and restaurants like Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Subway.

With the right leadership in place of Sheldon Lavin, the CEO, and chairman, OSI has spread its operations and established subsidiaries like the OSI International Foods, OSI Group, and OSI Industries, that provide various food products across the world in over 17 countries. This has created employment to over 20,000 people, who team up to provide the highest quality food, and enhance quality consumer experience Sheldon Lavin, who is highly skilled in meat and food processing, has been engaged in OSI’s operations, leading to several accolades in environment and sustainability. This shows how his accomplishments have lifted OSI into the international scene as it was even awarded the Global Visionary Award in India.

The success of OSI is seen with its recent purchase of the former Tyson Food Plant at$7.4 million.This Chicago based plant manufactured food in the hospitality industry like meatballs and chicken cordon.This has provided OSI with infrastructure leading to extension. Moreover, it is now better placed to attain the needs of their clients.

OSI provides a wide range of food products for a quick serve that is healthy for our immune for breakfast, side dishes, desserts, snacks, and lunch. These products include meat patties, bacon, pizza, vegetable and poultry products among others. This shows that it has grown into an international leader in protein products.

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Greg Secker: The Interview

Posted on 28 August, 2017 in Uncategorized

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur and owner of Learn To Trade. In an interview with, Secker responded to questions about how his start in business and the secret to his success. Like others in his business, he was drawn to the field of financing early in life.

He has had several positions within the field of finance. His first job was working for Thomas Cook Financial Services. There he would eventually be transferred to a new company named the Virtual Trading Desk. This was one of the very first real-time Forex trading arenas.

By the time he turned 25 he was working as the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, which was then a Fortune 500 investment bank. Being employed there gave him the opportunity to learn to enrich both his customers’ accounts but his personal account as well. He told the online publication that while he enjoyed his work, his wife and children are the most important thing in his life.

In fact, spending time at home was one of the rewards of launching Learn to Trade. Greg Secker stated that he saw that many people having difficulties with learning how to trade and noted that there were not many ways to learn. He was thus inspired to create what would become Learn to Trade.

He used all of his knowledge from previous positions to make learning tools that would help anyone who used them including himself. (By the age of 27 he would be earning money at home.) Secker said that his success was due in part to the support he received from his family and friends.

They are credited with providing him with a clear outlook on life and some good ideas as well. In fact, his friends and family were also his first customers when he launched his company. Furthermore, he reported that even today the various interactions he has with those he meets at numerous public speaking gigs provide him with a lot of insight into the struggles and values of different individuals across the globe. Today Learn to Trade is said to be a popular “leader in stock trading education.”

Matthew Autterson Triumph in the Investment Management Sector

Posted on 14 August, 2017 in Investment Management

Management Sector

Investment management is one of the important sectors that most people are very concern with because it is part of the vital elements that investors need to be prosperous. It includes assets, bonds hence investment management experts are able to help charitable firms, insurance organization, retirement finds and organization to be stable and successful.

Furthermore more there are various organization that are efficient in helping investors with investment management which include Goldman Sachs Asser Management LP, Fidelity, Prudential Investment Management Inc and Investment Money Management Inc. they provide better services these are due to they ensure that they commit themselves to working hard and together and they also provide better environment to the staff member so they can work more efficiently and lastly they ensure that they put the priority of the customers first before anything else.

Matthew Autterson is a known expert who specializes in the investment management. He also serves as the financial advisor and he ensures that he commits himself so that his clients always come back for more of his services. He also went to Michigan State University and got a B.S and then he began serving at First Trust Corporation as the financial advisor . in addition Matthew Autterson also worked at Falci Adaptive Biosystems as part of a board member of directors.

Mathew Autterson is a man who began from the scratch his efficient skills also enabled to work as the co-founder of Resource Trust Company hence he enabled the organization to develop and was able to be known all over the world. Henceforth he became the president of the organization which offers retirement property amenities collection.

Through selling more techniques of the company it was able to make more returns and also has more than 10,000 financials, independent organizers. The organization also employed more than 500 staff members people hence transforming they’re and also they made approximately $20 billion. Resource Trust Company also was recognized as the biggest state-chartered organization in Colorado hence a lot of prominent people came looking for the companies services.

Matthew Autterson as a devoted entrepreneurs also is certain that through believing in one self one is able to achieve whatever he wants and also through him exploring all over the world it enabled him to meet prominent entrepreneurs whereby they share ideas on how they could enlarge their businesses to other parts of the country hence they can make more returns.

Goettl Air Conditioning Announces The Acquisition Of Southern California’s Walton’s Heating And Air

Posted on 10 August, 2017 in HVAC Company

Recently, Goettl Air Conditioning disclosed that it had acquired Walton’s Heating and Air, a southern California based HVAC Company. The financial information regarding the deal was not disclosed. Goettl’s acquisition of Walton’s will enable the company to grow beyond what Todd Longbrake, its owner, could achieve on his own. Additionally, it allows Goettl to start solidifying its presence in California. Goettl already is rendering its services and offering its products in Tucson, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Longbrake pointed out that he had played a significant role in spearheading the growth of the family-owned business. However, they were stagnating. When the management Goettl indicated that they were ready to purchase the business at the start of 2015, Longbrake was hesitant to yield to their request. However, after hearing positive remarks from experts in the HVAC sector about the company and its owner, Ken Goodrich, he gave in to their requests.

Goettl’s purchase of Walton’s was finalized mid-2015. From the acquisition agreement, Longbrake was retained to work as the sales manager and double up as the field supervisor. Longbrake noted that since the completion of the acquisition, they have grown ten-fold. Goodrich said that Longbrake had integrated into Goettl’s culture almost immediately.

Even though the deal was closed two years ago, Goodrich did not make the announcement at the time. This is because of marketing complications and operational challenges within Walton’s. Goodrich pointed out that they wanted to sort out the entire situation before making the announcement. Both companies were able to navigate the complexities in the acquisition process. Goodrich believes that Watson’s would enhance the value of Goettl.

Goodrich noted that the two firms have similar values and backgrounds. He also added that although it was not growing at the time, he recognized that Walton’s was more of a platform company. For this reason, it will expand in the near future. Presently, Goettl has a workforce of more than 300 employees. Following the acquisition, the company is optimistic of adding 200 jobs in in Phoenix and Tucson, which are its largest markets. This information was originally mentioned on Biz Journals.

About Goettl

Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the pioneer companies in the provision of heating and air conditioning services. The company continues to build on its legacy that was started in 1939 when the Goettl brothers, Adam and Gust built the first evaporative cooler in the Phoenix area. Since then, Goettl has become one of the highly trusted firms in the industry. Goettl has been building on its strong foundation of innovation. This information was originally reported on Goettl’s website as explained in this link