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Paul Mampilly- Renowned investment adviser

Posted on 01 July, 2018 in Investment Expert

When Paul Mampilly is called an investment guru, some people may not understand where it comes from. However, for those who have cared to go through his profile, they recognize that he is one of the most successful experts in the financial sector. He has worked with the top financial institutions in the world helping them make supernormal profits. Paul Mampilly has two decades in the Wall Street where he even worked with the hedge funds. His knowledge has been nurtured by the best if the best in the industry. While working in the Wall Street, he got an opportunity to share ideas and compete with the respected names in the industry. So, for those who have not read his profile, we will help you with a recap of the same here. Visit the website to learn more.

Paul Mampilly studied at the Fordham University. He holds an MBA from this institution. After his studies, he moved on to the banking sector where he would apply the knowledge. His first stop was at a company known as Bankers Trust. Here, he was given a job as an assistant portfolio manager. From this job, he learned the most basic matters of investment. By the time he was moving to the next phase of his career, he was experienced and was aware of how to make right investment decisions. The next move was major. He moved to large banking institution such as the Deutsche Bank and ING. He worked in these institutions for some time where he gained knowledge on managing accounts worth millions of dollars.


Paul Mampilly was well nurtured in the large banking organizations, and for the next job destinations, he was ready to deal with the billions. A hedge fund in Wall Street known as the Kinetic Asset Management hired him. It had $6 billion in its books. They needed Paul Mampilly to help them grow it. Paul did exactly a required. By the end of the year, the hedge fund was worth $25 billion. It was the biggest gainer of the year. The Barrons even featured it for the incredible achievement it had made in that year.

After serving in the Wall Street for years and proving that he was among the best, he decided to quit. He retired from the Wall Street and decided to concentrate on advising the Main Street American on the opportunities that were available for them to invest. Visit to know more.

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