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Richard Dwayne Blair on Managing Financial Assets Effectively with Three Pillar Approach

Posted on 16 August, 2018 in Entrepreneur

Richard Dwayne Blair has been managing financial assets for years in Austin, helping his clients make the most of their wealth and plan for retirement. His financial acumen has allowed him to do more than just manage wealth as he has created a framework that clients can follow. Blair calls this plan the Three Pillar Approach.

First Pillar

The first part of the financial planning framework focuses on understanding where a client stands. Before creating a path to follow, it is necessary for a manager to comprehend the needs of a specific client to be able to come up with an actionable strategy. This stage is about learning an individual’s strengths, goals, growth opportunities, and risk tolerance. According to Blair, evaluating these elements makes it possible for a financial manager to forge relationships with clients.

Second Pillar

What follows is the development of a suitable financial plan that is tailored to the requirements of a client. Every client has unique goals, and those will dictate the type of strategy to use. Richard Blair gets the most from financial assets by timing the right market conditions. When the movement is upward, he capitalizes on every opportunity, but when it turns, he ensures that assets are protected. The right financial plan is the difference between a paltry income and healthy returns.

Third Pillar

After understanding why a client wants to get out of a retirement plan and coming up with the right approach to achieve it, what remains is execution and tracking the results. Richard Dwayne Blair uses the client objectives as a reference point to implement a financial strategy to the fullest. Historical data of a certain market and individual and company goals allow a manager to monitor how a plan is working out. Tracking the results ensures that a strategy doesn’t deviate from the established path.

About Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Blair has been in the financial industry since 1993. He started working with financial instruments immediately after leaving college. In 1994, he set up Wealth Solutions, a financial management firm based in Texas that specializes in retirement planning. Blair has several qualifications and certifications under his name like Retirement Income Certified Professional, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, and Certified Fund Specialist, among others.

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