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Robert Ivy makes the difference at AIA

Posted on 04 November, 2018 in architecture, Company

Robert Ivy is one of the most significant players in the architecture sector. His role in aiming architecture part of human operations has played a significant role in the decentralization of the profession. Today, architects are now not seen as people who can only work in the biding and construction industry. Ivy has done a great job of ensuring that even the architects have opened up their eyes to the opportunities that are available elsewhere. It is through the work that he has done in the industry that he is today holding a senior position in the profession. He is the executive vice president and the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. This organization is the biggest there is in the country. It is also the oldest organization of architect in the United States. It was created in 1857 and comprises of qualified architects and designers.

Robert Ivy has held the leadership position since 2011. He has taken up the role and made a huge change. Even before was appointed to the senior position, he was still playing an important role in disseminating information about architecture to the people. He was the editor in chief of the Architectural Records, the biggest publication for architectural materials in the world. Under his leadership, this organization performed very well and even won the National Award for Excellence. Robert Ivy has made architecture an exciting filed where the members of the organization benefit from numerous initiatives that are carried out in the organization.

Robert Ivy has created a professional organization that architects would love to be associated with. AIA is an organization that has created an opportunity for even new architects to feel comfortable. The group is vibrant and offers many opportunities for new professionals to interact with the experienced ones.

AIA has under the leadership of Robert Ivy transformed into an organization that supports the architects and highlights issues of architecture to the public. Today, you will find architects being consulted on very many applications. Ivy has shown them the importance of diversity. He has shown them that it is possible to benefit from other industries apart from building and construction.

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