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Rocketship Education Teaching Gratitude

Posted on 31 January, 2018 in Educators


Schools can do some wonderful things. They teach all manner of subjects to educate young people, but one things they don’t necessarily teach, is gratitude. Rocketship education is doing just that. Teaching their young people how to be thankful and grateful for others and what they do for them.

Rocketship academy, along with the entire group of staff and educators, strives each and every day to teach their students and share gratitude. It’s this positive attitude that is spread from teacher to student, and student to student. It’s extremely contagious.

Rocketship academy shares five core values. These core values are the backbone of the academy. These values are respect, responsibility, empathy and persistence. Each day at school, these core values are spoken aloud in the Rocketeer creed. This helps each student focus on these core values and it helps each student to live these values out in and out of school.

The fifth core value is chosen by the parents and teachers. It’s the value they believe will best represent the school and the character the school wants to display. The students are taught valuable character skills. Many of the students that attend this academy are from high-poverty communities. It is proven that children that live in these communities experience a higher level of stress than children that live in middle to upper middle class neighborhoods.

It’s this positive climate at Rocketship that helps students develop social-emotional skills they desperately need in order to be successful in the academic and social life outside of the school setting.

The fifth core value of gratitude was chosen for Rocketship since this value was thought to be the characteristic that would make students stronger as individuals in and outside the classroom. Gratitude was also chosen because it would help build strong relationships between students and teachers.

Rocketship academy focuses on the entire individual, and has high expectations. Students are held to a high standard as they work in the classroom, and those same high expectations apply as students live their lives outside the classroom as well.

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