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Securus Provides New ConnectUs Application

Posted on 09 September, 2016 in Video Visitation Tech

Operating a prison or correctional facility requires a significant amount of security, transparency, and documentation. Even the smallest and simplest tasks often require the prison to fill out several pages of paperwork for processing and storage. While security and transparency is important, it can be very time consuming and a waste of resources to have an employee fill out all of the paperwork. Fortunately, Securus Technologies has recently unveiled a new product that will help to streamline that process.


Securus Technologies unveiled a ConnectUs application, which can be used by a prison or correctional facility to better process their documentation. When using ConnectUs, an inmate can fill out their own paperwork using a tablet computer, computer terminal, or other smart device. The application and paperwork can then be submitted directly to the facility for processing. Depending on the level of service that they want, Securus can even process and store the paperwork for the facility.



Further, they are able to find the forms faster, fill out information to allow for auto-processing, and even communicate with facility employees. Overall, it has allowed for a much more efficient practice compared to what was previously in place at the facilities.



While the ConnectUs application is the latest application and service provided by Securus, the company has a long history of providing valuable services and products to correctional facilities and prisons. The company, which is based in Dallas, Texas, has historically provided secure communications services and products. These have included secure telephones and video communication services, which have proven to be very valuable to facilities, inmates, employees, and family members of inmates.


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  1. Mia Benton says:

    While this is beneficial for the facility, it is also beneficial for the inmates. Inmates who use this service have seen a significant increase in processing speed and response. This definitely not what custom essay has had in mind which might be reflective of what they had in the past years and it may be that way for some people too.

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