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Skout Travel adds New Layer to Skout App

Posted on 22 March, 2016 in Apps

It can become very difficult for app creators to keep the app users invested in a particular app. People hear about apps through television and word-of-mouth from friends and they sign up. They may utilize the app for a little while, but they will often find themselves looking for the next hottest thing that comes along. It can be so easy for people to download an app one moment and delete the same app a moment later.

The Skout developers have realized this, and they have taken great measure to implement a variety of different things that can engage users. For new users, the “shake to chat” feature may be something that is very enjoyable. It is through this feature that people have the ability use their phone and instantly start up a conversation with a random stranger for about 60 seconds. It is after the 60 seconds that the profile of the person you have been chatting with will be revealed. A lot of new users find this very enjoyable as they take on the possibilities of meeting new people.

There is also another feature of this app that allows people to pinpoint other local people that may be interested in going out on a date or simply hanging out. This is something that a lot of users find interesting if they are single. That allows them to potentially set up dates without paying for a premium dating service app subscription.

All of these are very interesting features, but Skout creators do not realize that there is a lot of potential for users to become bored with these pictures after they have used these things for a while. That is why there is a lot of excitement about the new travel feature that is available through this application.

It is with this feature that a lot of users get the opportunity to go on a virtual tour of different cities throughout the world. The great thing about this feature is that it is something that can continue to engage users that have been signed up for this app for a while. Skout does not feature every city in the world, but this travel feature will continue to grow and expand as the app receives updates.

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