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Slyce’s New Partnership With Major Shoe Retailer

Posted on 05 April, 2016 in Business Partnership

Slyce has investors spinning their wheels over their new partnerships with major retailers. They have already partnered with brands like Home Depot, Tilly’s, Neiman Marcus and several others to offer their products in a catalogue that can be accessed through their visual search technology. The visual search technology is an application that allows consumers to search for products in a new, innovative way that makes online shopping much easier and more fun. One of the newest additions to their catalogue is a partnership with Shoe Carnival Inc.

Shoe Carnival is one of the nation’s top selling retailers for shoes for all types of people. They pride themselves on being a place where the whole family can go to get their shoes. They sell their products online, and now, they are able to offer consumers an even easier way to shop for their shoes.

About Slyce

This new partnership is one example of how Slyce is changing the face of online shopping. Online shopping certainly has its perks when compared to traditional shopping. However, typical online shopping can feel like a tough task in itself when you have to hunt everywhere for the product that you are trying to purchase. Slyce uses automated technology in its visual search platform to bring consumers closer to their purchases than ever before.

According to the CEO of Slyce, Mark Elfenbein, consumer purchases on Slyce require “only a single snap.” Consumers use their devices in a variety of ways to search on Slyce’s platform without trouble. The application allows users to search by using real pictures of the product that they want to find. The user can also upload a picture to the application of a barcode, QR code or a picture of a picture. A picture of a picture can be a print ad, for instance.

This partnership expands Slyce’s offering to consumers. It shows how well the company is growing. It also shows that Shoe Carnival Inc. will be doing more business through this partnership because they will receive an increase in virtual consumer traffic.

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