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Staying Safe and Protecting Info With ClassDojo

Posted on 23 June, 2018 in Education

ClassDojo is the app that continues to change how we all view the Internet and school. The app is making waves as the app that’s going to help schools with how they work and operate in regards to bringing parents back in to the picture. Nothing is more stressful than not being able to bring parents in and tell them everything they must know. Parent-teacher conferences are great but they also don’t happen as often as they should. ClassDojo is the place to be because they can allow for parents and teachers to better communicate without having the parent walk in to the classroom.

ClassDojo gives parents that chance to see what their kid is doing in class. With videos, photos, and messages, teachers can alert parents on their students’ updates on class, what they’ve been doing, and any other accomplishments that they would like to share to the parents. There is also a great addition to how the app operates. Teachers can use ClassDojo as a way to reward students. Instead of using stickers and other prizes, they can use ClassDojo’s online system to give students the credit they deserve and reward them in all sorts of new ways.

ClassDojo is here to make sure that the information being shared on this site is protected at all costs. They do not want people thinking that their information is gonna be shared or sold to a third party company. They don’t even use third party sites like Facebook to verify any form of information. All you need to share is the bare minimum info, but even a child’s gender, email, address, and student ID are not needed to access the app. The creators promise to never sell or give away such information to anybody. You can be sure that when you, as a parent or a teacher use this app, that you are completely safe at all costs and won’t have others contact you.

ClassDojo is the right app to use because of the way they are helping parents and teachers come together. Students are now able to show their parents what’s happening.

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