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Stream Cares is Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Heart

Posted on 13 August, 2018 in Business, Business Expert, Business Leaders, Company, Entrepreneur, Investment, Investor

Stream Cares is the philanthropic arm of Dallas-based energy provider Stream Energy. It is a company within a company, a separate entity created for the sole purpose of managing Stream’s charity. Stream Cares is tasked with building relationships, allocating funds, and planning charity events. Its existence is very unorthodox, but something other companies are looking to do as well.

Founded in 2005 Stream is a direct-energy seller, whose associates live off of word of mouth advertising. The company has been successful in its tenure. It now offers gas and electric services to seven states, as well as mobile and home security services nationwide. Its associates operated like brokers, creating client lists that generate commission. Stream is very unique in that consumers are represented by the associate that sold them, so instead of talking customer service that talk to the associate. This hands-on personal touch has set Stream apart, the creation of Stream Cares will make it stand out.

Stream Energy has always been a charitable institution. Its associates are dedicated to giving back. The company is not alone in this feeling, a good chunk of corporate America feels the same way. Corporations are very generous when it comes to philanthropy. Although many operate with selfish designs underneath, because charity does make a company sparkle, most genuinely care about the world around them. Stream Energy has had a long-standing relationship with both habitat for humanity and the Red Cross. It provided aid and relief to families during the Tornado strike, and was instrumental in providing aid during Hurricane Harvey. Stream Cares capitalizes on that help, reaching out to see what more can be done. Stream Cares also has mandate close to the heart of many associates, fighting against homelessness.

Stream Energy does not just write checks. It has a presence within the community. Associates volunteer at the charitable engagements Stream continuously sponsors. Stream will not just cover the cost of the event, but will provide transport to get there. It does not shirk about going the extra mile. This is why charity is a part of Stream’s business model.

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