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Sussex Healthcare: Quality And Affordable Care For Your Loved Ones

Posted on 21 February, 2018 in Healthcare Company

Sussex Healthcare Ltd. is a company hosting a group of care homes located in West Sussex, London, United Kingdom. The company’s main goal is to care for the elderly and provide specialized services for other individuals with physical or mental disabilities.

Sussex Healthcare provides exceptional service in the area of dementia care, palliative care, respite care, specialist adult care as well as other recreational and educational services.

The nursing homes also provide a place for other support services, such as physical therapy and occupational therapy services. Sussex Healthcare Ltd. was established in 1985 and has them since grown to have about 20 home groups in several places within the West Sussex area. These include care homes in Warnham, Shapthorne, Purley, Nutley, Henfield, Horsham, East Grinstead and Billinghurst.

There are 3 main executives responsible for overseeing the operations of Sussex Healthcare. Ms. Corrine Wallace is the Head of Operational Care Services, Ms. Carol Dilley is the Head of Education and Training, and Mr. Shiraz Boghani is a partner for the healthcare company.

Sussex care homes are able to provide accommodation, regular meals, socialization and patient-centered care in a homely space. There is available support for the elderly and other patients 24 hours a day. The staff is highly-skilled professionals in their respective field. Aside from the care services, there are also contractual and in-house therapists and reflexologists able to provide education and self-care lessons for family’s elderly loved ones.

The company believes that providing quality service in nursing homes are important for older people. This gives them a sense of dignity and improves their quality of life. Sussex Healthcare believes that in providing a safe and comfortable environment, family members can be assured that their loved ones are cared for.

At present, Sussex Healthcare is continuously growing and hiring several professionals and staff members to join their team. There is a need for caregivers, nurses, drivers, data analysts, administrators and other related fields to help operate the nursing homes.

According to present and previous workers, Sussex Healthcare provided them an opportunity to develop their career path. Most of the reviews in Indeed were positive, and a lot of the employees agreed that working at Sussex Healthcare is a rewarding experience with great benefits.

If you are a healthcare worker looking for job opportunities in the West Sussex area, consider Sussex Healthcare as one of your workplaces. Not only will you get to gain experience as a professional, it will also help you contribute to caring for your community’s elderly–truly a gratifying experience.

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