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The Altruistic Side Of Ross Abelow Shines Through

Posted on 12 May, 2016 in Lawyers

In his effort to help promote and foster a better understanding of the homeless animal population in New York City, Ross Abelow has established a Go Fund Me campaign to provide valuable financial assistance. This past winter was abnormally cold in the New York area, putting the thousands of animals in the city at risk of suffering from exposure to the extreme temperatures.

Abelow is seeking to enlist the support of others in the region to directly support animal shelters throughout New York City. They are in desperate need of medical supplies, vaccines, food, and blankets to keep distressed animals healthy and warm. This is a valuable cause that unfortunately has not gained the attention it deserves. Abelow aims to change all of that by raising $5,000 to purchase the aforementioned supplies. As a lawyer that has devoted his professional life to the people of New York City, this demonstrates his total concern for the region and all who call it home.

The need for this campaign became apparent to Mr. Abelow when he discovered that the animal shelters throughout the city were simply unable to take on any more animals due to a lack of money and space. This means that far too many homeless animals are left to wonder the streets alone. Like humans, they are scared, alone, and vulnerable. Raising the money to support the shelters is simply the right thing to do.

As a partner at the firm of Abelow & Cassandro, he has chosen to specialize in the area of family and entertainment law, as well as engaging in commercial litigation. As his career has evolved, he has also become increasingly adept at writing for a variety of legal and personal blogs. To keep the community informed of the latest legal news impacting the residents of New York City, Abelow has also established a visible presence of numerous social media sites, Facebook and Mashable among the most notable.

In terms of this current Go Fund Me Campaign, individuals simply need to go to the site that Mr. Abelow has established in order to contribute. In turn, the shelters will be able to expand their existing space and provide for more homeless animals in the coming months.

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