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The Strong Success Pillars of Fortress Investment Group

Posted on 28 July, 2018 in Founder, Investor

For many companies to survive in a competitive market like the investment management industry, they have relied on the economic situations and movements. This has been a great drawback for these organizations because they all tend to collapse or face financial difficulties when the economic conditions change adversely. They find it difficult to survive economic crises because their success pillars are laid on weak foundations. This has been a bit different for Fortress Investment Group. The successful company started its operations two decades ago as a small private equity firm which has grown to the huge alternative asset management company that it is today.

However, this has not been achieved with ease; it has been through proper adherence of the company’s foundation pillars and the strategic plans that were laid in the beginning to ensure that Fortress Investment Group becomes the dream investment management company that the founders intended to build. Among the pillars that have kept the company’s performance moving forward is its asset-based strategy of making investments. At the foundation stage, the firm only managed private equity which acted as its main source of funds and capital. However, with the introduction of new leadership from other prominent companies where the leaders had acquired cast experience on investment.

For instance, when Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group, he introduced the credit and hedge fund section of the company which he is still the head to date. Under his leadership and guidance, the operation section has been showing excellent performance that has even led him to win several industry awards like the best hedge fund manager for several years in a row. Other asset strategies have been introduced in the course of the company’s existence, which have greatly contributed to the rapid growth of the organizations managed assets as reported at the end of last year. Some of these assets include real estate, credit find, permanent capital strategies and other traditional assets.

Fortress Investment Group has penetrated into many states and countries around the world. The company has opened satellite offices in different parts of the world to ensure that their services reach their customers and clients efficiently.

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