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Waiakea Water Does Not Renege On Giving Great Water

Posted on 08 October, 2018 in Business, health, Healthy Drink, Volcanic Water, Water, Water Alkaline

Many people in the United States are not lucky enough to have clean water. People are led on to believe that they have the cleanest water in the world, but, in reality, they really do not. Of course, in the United States, the water won’t immediately make you sick. You won’t get sick from microbes. It is not one of those places where people tell you not to drink the water, for fear of getting a stomach virus. However, many places of the United States have water supplies that are tainted with toxic substances that give people cancers and neurological diseases over time. This is not an unfounded fear, because there are locales with tainted water where there just happens to be high rates of cancer and neurological problems.

The unfortunate thing about this is that it is all a result of industrialization and scientific discovery. We have easy lifestyles, now, and advanced technology. However, all of this has come at the expense of our environment. The environment plays a huge role in determining out health. When people think about the environment they may think of radical environmentalists who want to save an obscure creature. However, environmental concerns aren’t just about saving obscure species of animals; they are about protecting the purity of the environment so that the resources do not turn poisonous for human beings. This has already happened so many times over the course of the past couple hundred years.

The poisoning of the environment has led to some people only trusting bottled water. Because so many people rely on bottled water, companies have a responsibility to provide water that is clean and healthy. Unfortunately, some bottled water companies renege on such a deal. Waiakea does not renege on anything. They take fresh, mineral-filled water from the Mona Lua volcano and bottle it. You can rest assure that the water is clean because Hawaii has strict regulations regarding the environment. They do not want their environment to get messed up.

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