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What lies beneath the success of Clayton Huston?

Posted on 09 February, 2018 in Music Entertainment, People

What lies beneath the success of Clayton Huston?

The easiest way to make a winning dream career is to follow your passion. This analogy is best exemplified in the life of Clayton Hutson, or clay, as he is nicknamed.



Since he was young, Clayton Huston has spent most of his time interacting with music. His hard work and dedication, over the years, has earned him a rightful claim to be one of the best tour managers in today’s global music scene.



This is a fact he attributes to his hard work and dedication to his passion for music.



So what makes this guy a great tour manager?



The man wears several hats all at once. When setting up an event, Clay relies on his engineering skills to ensure that the stage is well laid out. He properly designs the rigs to give the artiste a platform on which to deliver their performance. The rigs need to be safe for everybody, serve the functional performance, and give a visually appealing outlook.



Clayton is a much-endowed music producer. He relies on groundbreaking technology to perfect the performance levels. This technology enhances audio consistency levels even in the varying scenes during a live concert. Example of such tech is the DIGICO SD11 console, which is a rack-mountable, portable device.



Each event during a tour or a concert is unique. This is a fact that must be on the mind of every successful tour manager. This, therefore, calls for creativity during the design for the event. Clay puts in hard work, combined with his skill as an experienced production designer and production manager, to enhance the quality of output during a live performance.



As a show producer, Clayton cleverly manages logistical operations so that everything runs like clockwork. During the event, Clay is also a show producer who goes to extra lengths to tailor the performance of the artiste.



Clayton is an experienced stage manager. He reinforces the effect of the artist’s voice with mind-blowing visual performance. He works with artists and producers to bring ideas into life on the stage. He understands that for remarkable audiovisual production, the overall layout of equipment and people needs to be perfect.



He, therefore, incorporates his design abilities, monitoring skills, event planning, stage management, and engineering skills into the event. He has stamped his authority in the field by working with globally renowned artists such as Pink, ‘Guns N Roses,’ and Kelly Clarkson. Learn more:



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