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“What Paul Saunders Says About Burnout “

Posted on 01 January, 2019 in Business, Finance, Money

Burnout is a commonly talked about topic among businessmen and women everywhere. Paul Saunders, CEO of James River Capital, says that burnout is a pervasive issue. Our country is aimed at pushing work, work, work, and with that comes the risk of burnout for anyone. Paul Saunders may very well have an answer for those companies that are struggling to help employees that are suffering from burnout.


Work has its own stresses, just as one’s personal life may have its own set of stressors. When you put these two together, you have a tremendous risk for problems. Paul Saunders says that paying attention to the warning signs is important both for the employee and the employer. There are some very real ways to prevent this from happening.


One of the first directives from Saunders is to take note when a loss of control occurs. When someone is losing control of their emotions or their ability to focus on the tasks at hand, it’s time to re-evaluate their position. This doesn’t mean that an employee should be fired, but perhaps they could use a change of scenery. Oftentimes when tasks are repetitive they begin to lose interest in their work.


Another way to prevent this from happening is to encourage employees to take 10 to 15 minutes each morning to write out their goals. When employees do this it will give them a greater sense of purpose. If they know what their purpose is for each day then they will feel better about their position and purpose in the workplace, and as an individual.


The second way to keep things fresh and more alive in the workplace is to be transparent with employees. If a position is available, make sure that everyone gets the same opportunity to apply for this position. The more open the company is about their policies and procedures, the less room there is for doubt in an employee’s mind.


Attitude is critical for departments, and also for the entire company. If there is an overall shift in the attitude of the employees across the company this could be good or bad. When employees are struggling it’s best to offer support to them. Rather than assuming things will resolve on their own, it’s best to prevent bigger problems before they start. Learn more:


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